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We are The Company.

As one of the UK's leading technology solutions providers, we exist to help our clients outmanoeuvre the challenges and pitfalls of 21st century life and business – often before they become aware of them. Our customers choose us because we anticipate, and react to, crises and flashpoints at a pace which is impossible for others working in our field.

Our team of engineers began developing our in-house tech systems in 2008 and now, fifteen years on, we work all over the world – seen and unseen – to produce unexpected results. Our work uses unparalleled AI engines to benefit millions. We are a small, dedicated team, but our reach is global, and reaches far into the future: further, in fact, than even we are able to estimate ourselves. Do you have what it takes to join us?

In order to ensure a better, safer future for all, we must develop new ways of using technology to enhance humanity. 

The Company uses cutting-edge AI to produce breathtaking results which alter the fabric of the reality we live in. This sounds like a big claim, but – if anything – it is smaller than the truth. We operate simultaneously in multiple fields, not all of them widely reported, some impossible to publicise, and some undisclosed even to the people who commission our work.

We truly believe in the life-changing potential of our work, and it shows in everything we do... except in the cases where we have to keep it to ourselves.

Image by Scott Longerbeam


Introducing Butterfly 2023

Butterfly 2023 is our brand-new core technology stack, providing a powerful and highly flexible multi-platform AI engine that opens up a near-infinite set of possibilities. We believe that Butterfly is a world-leading resource, routinely delivering results which – were they to be brought to wider attention – would be the talk of the whole planet. The simple fact is that we do not seek the attention. The Company is not a ‘business’. It has no shareholders, publishes no profit figures, holds no annual awards night. We do not, in a sense, exist in the public sphere at all. We work in a different sphere altogether.

Lauren Symonds, Tidywire

“It’s no exaggeration to say that my business would not be here without The Company – and nor would anyone who works for it. The transformation they brought about is almost impossible to describe, especially because the circumstances in which they came into the equation have to be kept partially secret. All I can say on the record is that I am truly grateful I found out they exist."

James First, Overago

"I’ll never quite understand what The Company did, or how, or even why they took it as far as they did. I owe them everything: that much I do understand."

Kiran Haraguchi,

“I was suspicious of The Company when I first heard about them; I was resistant to some of their methods even when we were quite deep into our partnership. I was only seeing a small part of what was going on, I know that now. I still struggle to grasp how the technology is able to accomplish what it does, and I know – now – that it will go on to do many things I’ll never know about. It’s simplest if I just say thank you.

Don't miss out.

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